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Prats is located very close to Canillo and Santuari de Meritxell, Vall d'Orient.

Prats? Everyone should know Prats, because it's a real beauty. This tiny village is one of my favorites in Andorra. Prats offers its lovely church Sant Miquel, balcony-views to the the Montaup region and Coll d'Ordino at the opposite side of Vall d'Orient, down to the CG-2 watching the tourists cars and the cheapest gasoline-station in Andorra.

Andorra rural: Vall d'Orient, Andorra, Pyrenees
Andorra rural: Vall d'Orient, Andorra, Pyrenees
Agriculture & main road CG-2 at Prats, Canillo, Vall d'Orient, Andorra, Pyrenees
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