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Oktober 14, 2013

And All Gaul Was United In Amused The French Newspapers Call Ralph Lauren Outlet

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Save time for golf later
No doubt this is foremost on your mind, unless you are a golfer or sailor, in which case i am here to save you from yourself:Practicing your swing and scrubbing the hull may be what gets you up on a saturday morning, but some time invested in the garden today will save you time later on and might even give your marriage a lift.Who knows?

While it is difficult to know where to start where garden chores are concerned this time of year, i am about to provide clarity and eliminate that excuse for ignoring the topic.

I am not in favour of the indiscriminate use of tap water.Hosing down the driveway is not on this list, not when a stiff broom does the job very nicely(Will someone please tell all of those landscape contractors that insist on using leaf blowers for this job that a broom works quite well.Really).

I suggest that you dilute the invisible salt spray on the plants next to the street by giving them a soaking with a stiff stream of water delivered from the end of the hose a great use for your”Firefighter”Hose nozzle.

Also, soak down the plants along the walk leading up to the house and anything else that may have been exposed to the damaging effects of salt.

No.2:Your lawn requires attention

Wear flatsoled shoes and using a broad leaf rake(Not a hard garden rake)Remove the winter debris that sits loosely on the lawn and get the grass blades to stand up on end.This will open up the crowns of the grass plants and increase the circulation of fresh air.The result will be less snow mould and powdery mildew, and a faster, more vigorous green up.

Give your lawn a feeing with a quality product that contains slowrelease nitrogen(Scu).It’s true that cheap lawn food is out there, just as there is cheap”Ice cream”That does not contain milk or cream.You get what you pay for, and where lawn fertilizer is concerned, a quality product will provide benefits for up to 10 weeks, versus three or four weeks with many bargain brands.

An early application helps to reduce your work later on by thickening your lawn, which will shade out weeds before they germinate and put down an aggressive root.The answer to the question,”How do i kill lawn weeds? “Is best answered with”You don’t.You prevent them by growing strong, healthy grass. ”

Much better to avoid the common cold than to have to fight it after it gets a grip on your throat.

Thicken your lawn with a 3centimetre layer of triple mix(Equal parts peat/loam/compost)And spread quality grass seed over the triple mix at the rate of one kilo per 100 square metres.

Overseeding your lawn is an important part of your weed control tool box.Thickening your lawn today is the equivalent of pulling the weed bar over your lawn a generation ago.Both exercises are done to eliminate weeds.The weed bar killed them;The new grass seed will squeeze them out before they germinate.

You can overseed and fertilize your lawn on the same day, providing that the fertilizer contains the aforementioned slowrelease nitrogen.

It is worth noting here that you should remember to cut your lawn 7 to 8 centimetres high as this too will squeeze weeds out of existence.Your taller, healthier lawn will shade out young weed seedlings and your lawn will be more droughttolerant come summer. (Note:Reflect on the added hours that you will have playing golf and sailing this summer because you took this advice now. )

Your narcissus, daffodils and tulips are in bloom, but the ones that grow on the south and west side of the house may be finished.This always begs the question this time of year,”What do i do with them when/if it gets cold? “The answer is nothing.These bulbs are very winter hardy and have their own builtin antifreeze.When the narcissus blooms, be sure to cut some of them and enjoy them indoors.

It is possible to cheat and buy your bulbs in bud or bloom in pots rather than planting them in autumn like the rest of us.Just slip the flowering plants out of the pot and plant in good soil.Mother nature will take care of the rest water and sunlight are all that is required to put on quite a show.

And cheating or not, there is great satisfaction in getting in on a great thing, even though all of your neighbours tell you that you are too late to plant bulbs.It would be fun to take a picture of the look on their faces as they gaze at your garden full flowers that miraculously sprouted up over night.

No.6:Plant perennials and shrubs

We generally have this notion that we can only plant when it is nice and warm.Many people, if not most, wait until the air temperature is so warm that they are out in shorts and shirt sleeves toiling away with a shovel and bags of soil while sweat runs down their face.

This is not necessary.Not when you can plant trees, flowering shrubs, roses and even perennials that have not been forced in the greenhouse(They are too soft for the cold night temperatures).These are winterhardy plants that tolerate the cold quite nicely.Think about that:Planting a lilac in april when temperatures may drop as low as minus 5c can hardly hurt a plant that is wired to thrive north of edmonton in minus 40c.

The last couple of weeks of april are perfect for hauling in fresh soil to top up your garden for the season.I add 2 to 3 centimetres of triple mix to my entire garden each spring to rejuvenate the soil, which in turn feeds the plants.The result is a better looking garden and happier plants.

The other reason that you will want to visit your favourite retailer this time of year is selection.You will get the pick of the crop of many wonderful plants, many in bud or near bloom, so you can enjoy the colour they provide now.Examples include magnolia, forsythia, canada redbud, rhododendron and hardy azaleas.Wait until may to buy and you will wait until next year for the show.

If you Ralph Lauren Outlet are not the sailor or golfer in the family you may want to put this article under the nose of the person in your household that is.Keep in mind that i recommend this with the very best of intentions where relationshipbuilding is concerned.

A:The mark cullen edition of golfgreen lawn fertilizer is available exclusively at home hardware.If you buy a 12kilo bag(Or two of the 6kilo bags)You will receive a complimentary copy of my new book, canadian lawn garden secrets.
and all Gaul was united in amused

The french newspapers called it the scandal of the gang de la p tanque, meaning the boules hustlers.A nice couple of francs changed hands before the victims hollered”Flic”And arrests were made.The cases were disposed of in the criminal courts eventually, but outside the bistros, where p tanque is played for rounds of drinks and sometimes for money, they still wonder if there might not be more scandals where Louis Vuitton Bags uk that one came from.

P tanque is supposed to have originated in marseille, and like bouillabaisse, another marseille creation, it often has a pleasant fishiness about it.It is the favorite game of the french, though you would never guess this from their novels, a simple kind of outdoor bowling played in one variation or anotherlike the italian boccieall over europe and in many of its cultural outposts, such as bleecker street in new york city.In france some five million people play it.The f d ration fran aise de p tanque et jeu proven al, the licensing agency for tournament play and the awarding of championships, has a paidup membership of 200, 000.Only cycling and soccer rival it in popularity.It is played by 5yearolds and by octogenarians.It can be played on any terrain, and games go by the hour on quays in cannes, bordeaux streets, village squares and elegant city parks like the bois de boulogne.

The players, two or three to a team, try to get the metal balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball.The metal balls, slightly larger than a baseball, are called boules.The wooden ball, two inches in diameter, is called the bouchon, probably because it used to be made of cork, and sometimes the cochonnet, which means little pig and has some obscure folklorish origin.The bouchon is placed between 20 and 32 feet from the players, who must stand inside a circle traced on the ground with feet joined when they toss, throw or roll the ball.This position is known in the proven al language as peds tanquas, or”Feet joined together,”Hence the name, p tanque.Points are scored by the nearness of the boules to the bouchon, and half the fun is in measuring.This is done by ruler, tape, trouser belt or tree branch, and a great volume of rhetoric, with most players convinced they are being robbed.

It was this dislike of being robbed, in a more literal sense, that broke the scandal of the gang de la p tanque.It all began, naturally, in marseille, a permanent cradle of liberties of one sort or another.One morning a few summers ago the newspapers told of the arrest of a 15man gang.They were accused of bilking scores of businessmen from marseille to nice on the riviera of $140, 000 in games of p tanque.For some time, so the papers said, marseille police officials had been registering complaints from store owners, proprietors of buildingtrade companies and small businessmen claiming they had been victimized by hotshot p tanque players using loaded balls.

When the flics(Police)Made a dawn raid on the gang, they confiscated p tanque balls in their apartments and automobiles and tested them.When rolled on rails toward a bumper, an honest p tanque ball comes back to the starting point.A tampered ball, generally weighted with metallic filings, stops on the way.The confiscated balls passed the test.One suspected ball was sawed in half but turned out to be legitimate.

The investigating magistrate put together the scenario the gang had organized for suckers.One member of the gang would contact, say, the owner of a masonry firm and offer to put him in touch with an eccentric old millionaire who was interested in building a villa along the mediterranean coast.Or a proven al poultry farmer would be told of an eccentric old millionaire interested in creating a chain of chicken farms in corsica.The businessman, hooked, was then taken to some country inn where he found a rich old man playing p tanque with a gang crony.Because he was 75 years old, had poor eyesight and suffered from arthritis, the millionaire’s opponent had made some concessions.The bouchon, or cochonnet, was thrown only six feet from the players instead of the regulation 20 to 32 feet.The elderly millionaire had four balls to toss, against three for his adversary.He had a fourpoint handicap in a game of 10 or 11 points, and friends picked up the balls from the ground so he wouldn’t have to bend down.Despite all this, the old man lost every game, and his”Secretary”Took wads of 100franc notes from a briefcase to pay the winner.

After losing half a dozen times the old man hurled the p tanque balls away, saying he would not play against the winner anymore.Sometimes the old man would then invite the victim(Called a”Pigeon”)To play;Sometimes the eagerbeaver businessman himself suggested a game with the angry old man.The gang was too clever to urge the pigeon to bet, but asked whether he minded if they bet on him to beat the old man.The businessman naturally gave his aged opponent the same handicap of an extra ball and four points at a distance of six feet.The old man lost game after game before he quit.The bettors made fun of him, saying”You’re not a man, vous tes une patate
you’re a potato]. “Enraged, the old man said: “Afraid, am i?Well, i’ll tell you what.I’ll bet you everything in my secretary’s briefcase against you! “And he put up anywhere from $4, 000 to $6, 000.Bettors said they did not have that much money in their pockets but would go home or to their bank to get it.Often the pigeon drove them there.

A big money game then began, and soon the pigeon was ahead eight points to four(The handicap)With only two to go to win.At this point the old man would say,”By the way, i’ve shown you my money, let’s see yours. “And it turned out the bettors lacked $1, 000 or $2, 000.Usually the delighted pigeon offered to supply the missing amount on the spot.Occasionally he required a little persuasion along these lines: “You want to get the old man to let you build his villa, don’t you?Well, don’t get him angry.Put in a couple of thousand dollars.You’re way ahead,”Et cetera.Naturally, the old man suddenly began to play wellvery welland the pigeon found himself beaten 108 or 109.Incredulous, the pigeon often insisted on a return match and was, of course, plumed a second time.Some victims came back for third and even fourth games of p tanque.Such was a typical gang plot as revealed by the magistrate.

Now, the frenchman who does not play p tanque watches it, and players and spectators ate up the frontpage press accounts of how the p tanque gang operated.Everyone waited impatiently for the marseille trial to begin.In the annals of french court trials few if any have been as hilarious as that of the p tanque gang.It went on for three days in the small courtroom in the marseille palais de justice.For americans, the trial resembled olsen and johnson’s hellzapoppin.



Oktober 4, 2013


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