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August 5, 2015

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r a perceived lack of spending,

will have 40m available for new signings in January and u-boat watches the first 30m instalment from Emirates will arrive in time for the following transfer window.

“The deal is all about football, it all about giving us the resources to be able to invest in what we put on to the field for our fans,” said Gazidis, whose club have not won a trophy since 2005.

“This is most popular luxury watches an important and exciting day for our club. It is good news for Arsenal and our fans.

“The strategy, which has been driven and supported by shareholder] Stan Kroenke and our board, is to grow our commercial revenues so that we can have more money to be able to invest in the playing side.

“This is as dramatic as the move into the new stadium 2006] was in propelling the club forward. Our revenues will grow to put us into the top five revenue clubs in the world.”

At present, Arsenal matchday income is one of the highest in Europe but it accounts for more than 40% of their total revenue an unusually high percentage for a leading club.

The Emirates deal will lower that figure but, when asked if it would result in lower ticket prices, Gazidis replied: “I didn say they would come down.

“I think we been very responsible on ticket pricing over time. Since we moved to the new stadium we had two increases in season ticket prices and pre owned blancpain watches both of those have been inflationary.

“We tried very hard to balance the demand that we spend more money in the market with also trying to take a long term responsible attitude towards our fanbase.

“Despite the fact that we got long waiting lists in the stadium, we haven pushed ticket prices forward, we tried to hold them to a responsible level.

“The expansion of our revenue base will help us in managing that relationship.”

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A Scrapbook Of One Of My Favorite Art Exhibits

My grandpa works as a volunteer for the Pima Air Space Museum in Tucson, AZ. Gramps enjoys talking to people who have questions about aircraft, listening to other veterans recall stories from their time amidst the aircraft and just plain being around planes. Gramps knows just about everything there is to know about aviation history. He is a World War II veteran.

I was very surprised when he invited me watch breitling to the museum for a routine lunch one Monday. I arrived to find a huge art display in Hangar 1 nearby the new Flight Grill restaurant. Gramps was surprised at my interest. He the other volunteers he hangs out with were all smiles at my enthusiastic response to the artwork but they weren’t so hot on the art. It was too modern and given the nature of the feeling behind the movement, I can’t say that I blame them.

The art could be interpreted as standing in direct paradox to everything their generation worked for. The fifties are well known for consumerism arguably supplied by the war machine fighting for America’s expansion overseas after the huge win of WWII.

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